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Brandl Anderson has built something much greater than homes for over 20 years. We’ve built a stellar reputation among Twin Cities homebuyers. You’ve read what we have to say about our homes, now read what buyers think about living in a Brandl Anderson home.

John & Cheryl M. (Written Note 8/2017)

This is the third home we have built and we both say building a home with Brandl Anderson was by far the easiest home we ever built. Everything went so smoothly as if it were meant to be. All of the people on your staff were a true joy to work with. You have the BEST people ever working for you and we mean that from the bottom of our hearts.

LaVonne (Fax 7/2017)

Jennifer, You have been amazing! So helpful, understanding and communicating quite well with my questions/concerns. I want to thank you for all of your hard work with helping me through buying a home on my own. So far it has been an easy process and the first meeting I had with you went smoothly due to your help. .

Jennifer K. (Email 2/2017)

Hi Jennifer. I asked for Susan for your name. I just wanted to send a note to tell you how wonderful she is! She has been so friendly, responsive and helpful throughout the whole warranty process. She’s made things easy and surpasses my expectations with every interaction. Such a wonderful person to work with….thank you for making her a part of the Brandl Anderson team. She’s fantastic.

Cindy B. (Written Note 12/2016)

A special thank you to Wilson Mills and Brandl Anderson. From our first meeting my clients and I received personal attention from Wilson. Brandl Anderson’s level of service was consistent throughout every step of the process. I can honestly say that working with Wilson and Brandl Anderson was truly an all around great experience and I highly recommend. Thank you for making my client’s dream come true!

Curt and Teresa W. (Written Note 9/2016)

I’m writing this letter to thank everyone on the Brandl Anderson team for the wonderful job they did. Sometimes when you are so busy with your move it’s hard to take the time to write a letter of appreciation. I did not want another day to go by without acknowledging the staff that made everything possible for us.

Shannon C. (Email 8/2016)

I have to say that as we meet new neighbors who have worked with other builders, I haven’t heard the same level of customer experience that you guys have provided us with. Thank you for always being so responsive and caring about us as your customers. We will be sure to pass this on to others who are considering building. Thanks again.

Rajan C. (Email 7/2016)

You have always been very supportive in terms of taking care of our needs (all the COs and not to mention the flexibility with the closing dates). I couldn’t ask for more. Both Revathy and I are very thankful and we appreciate everything that BAH has done. It is one of the best decisions that we have made (for going with BAH for the new house). You will have nothing but excellent review from us. Pls. pass on our appreciation to John as well.

Gordon. (Email 2/2016)

We previously owned a home in Georgia that was built by XXXXX. There were hundreds of nail pops. Our kitchen ceiling was a checkboard of nail pops. Brandl Anderson built a much better home for us up here.

NELSON R. (Google 10/2015)

Thank you for all of your help. Please extend our warmest appreciation to all of Brandl Anderson’s staff – Jennifer Sexton, John Olson and all the rest who helped make our “dream home” a reality. More power to Brandl Anderson Homes!

Hazel R. (Written Note 10/2015)

Thank you for all of your help. Please extend our warmest appreciation to all of Brandl Anderson’s staff – Jennifer, John and all the rest who have made our “dream home” a reality.

Beck & Ryan L. (Written Note 3/2015)

I just wanted to write this letter to let you know that what extraordinary team they are to work with. We will always look back on this experience of building our first home with the best of memories. No part of it was ever daunting or overwhelming and all of that was due to your team. This entire team we worked with – Scott, Curtis & Jennifer are just amazing people and made really made us feel like family. We will recommend, to anyone that will listen, your company and more specifically that team of people.

DAVID S. (Google)

We sold our home in Lakeville faster than expected so we were in a crunch. Our Brandl Anderson salesperson was the only one who heard what we were saying about timeline, and had our home built in 90 days. We got exactly what we wanted, and they were able to get us a great deal on the LOT too! Bottom Line, We RECOMMEND Brandl Anderson Homes to. EVERYONE we talk to.

Larry W. (Email)

We decided in 2015 to persue finding a builder and building a new home. We had driven through developments and looked at many homes. Brandl Anderson and their staff have provided timely responses and have met our needs in providing us a well built home. We would definitely recommend Brandl Anderson to anyone that is looking for new home construction.

Tami Q. (Google)

I built with Brandl Anderson too, in Farmington. Sean was a great builder and my sales person was very informative, absolutely honest, and knew everything about building our new home. He went out of his way to make sure every detail was covered before we started building, and even showed us a ton of pictures of different options we had to choose from. I REALLY recommend Brandl Anderson, our friends and family are awestruck with our new home, as are we.






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