Unfortunately, the holiday season presents an opportune time for package thieves. Playing spoiler to Santa, package theft is on the rise. According to a 2017 study by Shorr Packaging Corp., more than 30 percent of respondents stated they had personally experienced package theft.

Tis the season for daily Amazon deliveries and frequent visits from FedEx. As the holidays near, porches around the Twin Cities can be seen lined with packages as people anxiously await the arrival of gifts intended for their loved ones.

With home deliveries happening on a daily basis, how can you protect yourself from having your items stolen?

Recent non-subscription based video security systems like Ring and Blink now provide consumers with eagle eyes on their front porch. Affordable and scalable, Ring and Blink serve as a sort of “DIY” security. Both companies provide a variety of affordable cameras that can be easily installed outside or inside the home.

Ring | Smart Whole-Home Security Solutions

Compared to Blink, ring provides a larger variety of security options, including multiple video doorbells, security cameras, floodlights, motion detectors and more. Additionally, Ring offers an alarm keypad that allows you to control and disarm your equipment.

Conveniently, any Ring product can be controlled and viewed through the Ring app. The app allows consumers always monitor their home from their smartphone, tablet or PC. You can see, hear or speak to anyone on your property from anywhere.

If you want to know what’s going on in your neighborhood, the Neighbors feature on theRing app serves as a crowd-sourced neighborhood watch. Through the feature, you and your neighbors can post suspicious activity for the community to be aware of.

Blink | Home Security Camera Systems

Blink offers two HD cameras. The Blink XT serves as its weatherproof outdoor option while the normal Blink is an indoor setup. Both cameras come complete with motion alerts, live HGD video and night vision.

Like Ring, Blink cameras can act as your eyes and ears away from home and stream right to your smartphone.

No matter your budget, or the scale of security system you desire both Ring and Blink from Amazon can provide the security of costly subscription services at a fraction of the cost. Especially this time of year, these security options deliver you peace of mind while deliveries come your way.