Fall Home Decorating Ideas

It’s no secret that once September arrives in Minnesota that the weather starts cooling. While we may have some outlier years where the temps stay warmer than usual (check your forecast today, in fact!) it doesn’t change the fact that “Winter Is Coming.” But, not before fall has it’s say first!

But this isn’t a bad thing! Fall weather brings the leaves changing colors, pumpkin patch visits, apple orchards, spiced drinks, fire places, cozy blankets, and every other memorable “cooler temps” activity. If you’re a home owner, there is also a great feeling of reveling in the fall activities by dressing your house up to reflect the season. While some home owners will go all out with the pumpkin patch on their front walk, or custom made fall wreaths for their doors, getting into the fall spirit doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal – or a huge investment!

With that in mind, here are some of our favorite fall home decorating ideas:

Fall Home Ideas

1. Warm Things Up In The Living Room

During the summer, you may have swapped out pillows and throw blankets in your living room with items offering a pop of color, or lightweight materials. A simple fall upgrade to that, is to swap items in that reflect the cooler temperature! This upgrade can work in a variety of rooms, as well. Replacing vibrant blue pillows with fall leaf color throws can easily get people in the spirit. Rich, deep colors can provide a sense of warmth and calm throughout the fall. Of course, upgrading to a heavier fleece blanket in the living room doesn’t hurt, either! Swap out a couple of these items to get extra comfy these months.

Fall home ideas

2. Rustic Candle Tray

Chances are, your house doesn’t naturally smell like fall leaves or spiced apple cider. But whose does? Give your home a little boost using this combo platter idea of candles and fall decorated trays. Classic candle scents from the aforementioned apple cider, to cinnamons and pumpkin spices can put your rooms easily into a fall mood. Putting these candles on a homemade “rustic tray” doubles down on that fall-feel. Finding acorns, dried leaves, pine cones, and other fall staples around your house is easy, and a great way to add a fall accent to your home. Of course, be careful with any fire hazards!

Fall Home Ideas

3. Memories For The Holidays

With fall on the horizon, that means the holidays can’t be far behind. And for many people, the holidays usually mean visits from family and friends. It’s this time of year where people reflect, as well, and nostalgia becomes an element of the season. Why not leverage that by updating some of your framed photos around the house? Displaying pictures from old family vacations can help provide that sentimentality. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, consider some new frames as well. Creating frames from old wood, or roughing up existing frames for a rustic barn yard feel, both can help provide an aged look heading into fall that tends to fit the season.

fall home ideas

4. Tis The Season For Cool Weather

Many of these ideas are simple, cosmetic ideas to help give your house a feeling of fall. But there is also the very real concern of wanting to protect your home from the fall and coming winter elements! Whether it’s cold fall rains, or dreaded winter snow, you’ll want to both protect your indoors from the outdoors, and make your guests comfortable. Adding an easy-to-clean area rug to your front door for snow boots, or an umbrella stand right by the entry way for rainy days, helps protect and simplify guests entry to your home. Offering some warm house slippers and a hot cup of cocoa doesn’t hurt, either!


Get The Most Out Of Your Fall Home

Updates like the ones listed here can be made in any home. However, sometimes a new home is on the mind, too! If that’s the case, reach out to Brandl Anderson today and see what we can do to help you find your dream home on a budget.