Do-It-Yourself Fire Pit Ideas

There are few things better than summer nights in Minnesota. The only thing that DOES make those nights better is maybe the crackle of a fire pit as it roasts some marshmallows for S’mores, or grills some food over an open flame. However you decide to use your flames, a well built – and safe! – fire pit turns a pleasant evening into a perfect one. The best part? Even if you don’t currently have a fire pit at your house, making one is easy! Sure, you can go to a big box retail store and buy one that will last a couple of years. But it won’t have the personality or charm of one you’ve built yourself.

With that in mind, here are some easy fire pit ideas you can make yourself. Don’t delay! Before you know it, summer will be winding down. Once cool fall evenings hits, you’ll be happy you have this fire pit already built!

Four Great DIY Fire Pit Ideas

1. DIY Square Fire Pit

Most fire pits are round, stacked high, and built for a bonfire. This square fire pit idea is unique enough to stand out as a great patio feature for you and your guests. Even better, many of these materials are easily found or bought! Square stone pavers are found at every home improvement store, and a variety of stones can be collected to add charm and character. Built it up, or sink it into the ground. Either way, the square fire pit remains sturdy and attractive!

2. An Actual Pit For Your Fire Pit

When we say fire pit, we really mean the “pit” part! Grab your shovel, and get to digging (after you call to mark ground wires, of course!). Turn your fire pit into an experience with depth, when you dig a little deeper for your fire. By digging even a foot or more deep, it creates a nicely contained base for your future fires. Lining the new pit with brick makes a safer fire pit then dirt sidings. Adding additional features to the fire pit rim can help this fire pit pop, as well. Make it as big or as small as needed!

3. Fire Pit Turns To Fire Patio

If you’re fire pit is a back yard feature, turn it into a real large one with class! Make a backyard seating area as large or as small as desired, with the fire pit as the center piece. Stone pavers provide ample “patio” area for outdoor furniture, or even simple, poured cement would do the trick. Decorating the seating with potted plants, flowers, tables, or even adding a pergola and hanging lights nearby can help you go above and beyond. A fire pit in the middle of a patio though is guaranteed to draw the eye.

4. Fire Pits That Can Chill and Grill

With all that fire around, why not use it properly? By building your fire pit specifically with food grilling options, you can easily turn a night in front of the flames into a night with fire and food! Encasing the internal pit with metal, and building a retractable grill feature, you can bring your cooking skills out to the yard. Fully enclosed, or partially covered grill plates are a couple of options to make your fire pit cooking-friendly, but don’t forget simple options with skewers or rotisserie! Any of these features can add a new feature to your backyard.

No Fire Pit Without A Backyard

These all sound great, but at Brandl Anderson we are very aware that enjoying a backyard goes beyond just adding a fire pit. First, let’s make sure the yard – and the fire pit – are at a house you love. Contact us today to see what we can do to build the house of your dreams.