Although the thermometer may say differently when you wake up in the morning, it is definitely spring in Minnesota! And yes, that even includes the random spring snow fall. But don’t let the white stuff discourage you; it’s time for a little spring cleaning and sprucing around the house. There’s nothing like the first home projects of the year to help freshen up your house and make things feel lively again after a long winter.

With that in mind, here are just a couple of great ideas we’ve found recently to help give your house a freshening up this month:

1. Give Your Door A Fresh Coat Of Paint
Your front door tends to be the first thing guests see when they visit. Why not re-paint it this spring for a new, fresh pop of color? You’ll be surprised at how often guests will remark on how it freshens up your entire house.

2. Update Your Walkway
Get a little creative and update a walkway to and from your doors. From flagstone to brick and many other ideas, now may be the perfect time to add a little rustic curb appeal to your home as the ground softens for the spring.

3. Swap Out Door Numbers
When was the last time you updated your door numbers? From the classic single numbers, to cursive lettering, to vertical or horizontal listings, new door numbers can add just the right touch of personality to your home as guests come to visit.

4. Add A Splash Of Color To Your Garage
Want to really enjoy the spring colors? Add a little bit of them to your garage door! While most garage doors are a solid white, painting them in alternated square colors is certainly one way to make your home stand out on the block. Feeling risky? Have your kids do the painting!

5. Decorate With Something You Can Be-Wreath In!
With all the green starting to sprout, it’s always fun to think of new ways you can incorporate the color into your home design. This spring, try a monogram wreath. Pick the letter from your family’s last name, and work different plants and flowers into the design for a welcoming curbside attraction.

These, and many more ideas, can help your home projects get off on the right foot this year. If these still don’t quite do it for you, however, and you’re ready to move to a fresh home, give us a call to get started.