If April shower’s bring May flowers, do May flowers bring June landscaping projects? If you own a home, it sure seems that way! But discovering new and creative ways to improve your curb appeal via landscape projects doesn’t have to be a chore. Even small, easy projects can freshen up a yard or home in exciting new ways. Here are three easy projects you can start working on this spring, so your landscaping will be ready to enjoy all summer long:

Create Focal Points

Do you have a tree or flower bed sitting in your yard that you want to draw attention to, and not away from? Highlighting this yard feature with some unique edging is a great way to beautify the landscape, plus draw the eye in ways you want. A simple stone edging can create a base, and works especially well on uneven ground to raise the dirt level around the feature. Some extra digging may be needed, but don’t be afraid to get dirty!

Feel Free To Rock Out

Whether in the garden or in your yard, rocks can have a place too! Rock gardens of all varieties are welcome in this idea. A spiral border around the small vegetable garden shown here works well to separate certain vegetables from other garden growth, and helps add depth to your green space. Mixing rock types and stone size can be dynamic as well, and provide lots of viewing interest to a visiting spectator. Better yet, enjoy a spring afternoon rock hunting along lakes or rivers for a collection of rocks to add a natural element to your garden!

The Secret Garden Path

You know that dead patch of grass in your yard leading from back patio to garage? Or front door to play space? Or anywhere, really, where there is high amounts of foot traffic? Take this time to update the path and link points of interest in unique ways around your yard! Here, we highlight reclaimed pallet wood from around the house as a interesting path option. Otherwise, step stones, pebbles, cobble stones, or a variety of other ideas can help act as a link. Add some additional plant life around the bushes, and you’ve just updated your landscaping in a unique way!

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