Humidity Levels

It is very important to maintain consistent humidity levels in your home for your new wood floors. I know this can be a challenge when it is very cold due to the windows getting wet. When that happens, temporarily turn down your humidifier or adjust your air exchanger to decrease the humidity until you can tolerate the dampness on the windows. Once the temperature outside increases, turn it back up and try to get the humidity in the 35% to 55% range as soon as possible. You can also turn the fan to the ON position during the very cold times. The added air circulation helps to keep the windows dryer.WeatherStation


In the spring when the thaw occurs, unfinished basements require dehumidifiers to keep the excess moister that is coming out of the ground from penetrating up into the subfloor and then into the wood. This effect will cause excess expansion and cupping and can cause damage to the boards in the form of cracks and chipped edges.


  • Susan, Warranty Department