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Begins with a plan

At Brandl Anderson, our homes are built around the way families want to live – with open floor plans, adaptable spaces and comfortable rooms. Our exclusive designs take everything into account – but that doesn’t mean we’re not flexible. Want to move a wall? We can do that. Need to remove a closet? Sure thing. We work with our customers to build dream homes for real budgets.

The Villa Collection

The Villa
The Villa rendering thumb

Beds:3   Baths: 2   Sq. Ft:2290

The Two Story Collection

The Arcadia
The Arcadia rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 5   Sq. Ft:4246

The Creighton
The Creighton rendering thumb

Beds:4   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:2886

The Eastridge
The Eastridge rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 4   Sq. Ft:3404

The Eastridge 2
The Eastridge 2 rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 4   Sq. Ft:3496

The Edgestone
The Edgestone rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 5   Sq. Ft:3949

The Lauren
The Lauren rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 4   Sq. Ft:3305

The Split Entry Collection

The Amber
The Amber rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:2908

The Jasper
The Jasper rendering thumb

Beds:4   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:2847

The Rambler Collection

The Carmel
The Carmel rendering thumb

Beds:3   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:3034

The Townhome Collection

Rochester, MN - The Briarwood
Rochester, MN - The Briarwood rendering thumb

Beds:4   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:2128

Rochester, MN - The Briarwood 2
Rochester, MN - The Briarwood 2 rendering thumb

Beds:4   Baths: 4   Sq. Ft:2128

Rochester, MN - The Fieldstone
Rochester, MN - The Fieldstone rendering thumb

Beds:3   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:2027

Savage, MN - The Darlington
Savage, MN - The Darlington rendering thumb

Beds:4   Baths: 4   Sq. Ft:2216