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Every Dream

Begins with a plan

Home.  It’s your safe haven.  Its where new beginnings and lifelong memories are made.  Its the sound of tiny feet running across the floor.  The smell of cookies baking in the oven.   Laughter around the dinner table.  Sharing quite moments by the fireplace.  It is where you can truly be yourself.

At Brandl Anderson, our homes are built around the way families want to live – with open floor plans, adaptable spaces and comfortable rooms. Our exclusive designs take everything into account – but that doesn’t mean we’re not flexible. Want to move a wall? We can do that. Need to remove a closet? Sure thing. We work with our customers to build dream homes for real budgets.

The Landmark Collection - Two Story and Ramblers

The Carmel
The Carmel rendering thumb

Beds:3   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:3034

The Carmel Virtual Tour
The Creighton
The Creighton rendering thumb

Beds:4   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:2886

The Creighton Virtual Tour
The Eastridge
The Eastridge rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 4   Sq. Ft:3404

The Eastridge Virtual Tour
The Eastridge 2
The Eastridge 2 rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 4   Sq. Ft:3496

The Eastridge 2 Virtual Tour
The Edgestone
The Edgestone rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 5   Sq. Ft:3949

The Edgestone Virtual Tour
The Heritage
The Heritage rendering thumb

Beds:6   Baths: 5   Sq. Ft:3906

The Lauren
The Lauren rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 4   Sq. Ft:3321

The Lauren Virtual Tour
The Monterey
The Monterey rendering thumb

Beds:4   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:3279

The Wheaton II
The Wheaton II rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 4   Sq. Ft:2845

The Preserve Collection - Single Level Living


St. Croix
St. Croix rendering thumb

Beds:4   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:2377

St. Croix Virtual Tour
The Cascade
The Cascade rendering thumb

Beds:3   Baths: 2   Sq. Ft:1719

The Cascade Virtual Tour
The Crystal
The Crystal rendering thumb

Beds:3   Baths: 2   Sq. Ft:1791

The Crystal Virtual Tour
The Minnetonka
The Minnetonka rendering thumb

Beds:4   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:2392

The Minnetonka Virtual Tour
The Nokomis
The Nokomis rendering thumb

Beds:2   Baths: 2   Sq. Ft:1649

The Tamarack
The Tamarack rendering thumb

Beds:2   Baths: 2   Sq. Ft:1577

The Tamarack Virtual Tour
The Genesis Collection - Split Entry

The Amber
The Amber rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:2908

The Jasper
The Jasper rendering thumb

Beds:4   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:2847

The Jasper Virtual Tour
Luxury Townhome Collection

The Aspen (End)
The Aspen (End) rendering thumb

Beds:3   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:2099

The Breckenridge (Inside)
The Breckenridge (Inside) rendering thumb

Beds:3   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:2203