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Every Dream

Begins with a plan

At Brandl Anderson, our homes are built around the way families want to live – with open floor plans, adaptable spaces and comfortable rooms. Our exclusive designs take everything into account – but that doesn’t mean we’re not flexible. Want to move a wall? We can do that. Need to remove a closet? Sure thing. We work with our customers to build dream homes for real budgets.

Two Story

A traditional two-story home has a main level, second level and basement. The main level includes a family room, living room, kitchen and bathroom. Brandl Anderson Homes offer open floor plans with amazing amenities you expect. The second level has bedrooms and bathrooms. The basement provides space to be finished at a later date. The two-story home is the most popular style of home to be built because it is affordable and functional.

The Appleton
The Appleton rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 4   Sq. Ft:3154

The Arcadia
The Arcadia rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 5   Sq. Ft:4246

The Carleton
The Carleton rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 4   Sq. Ft:3277

The Creighton
The Creighton rendering thumb

Beds:4   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:2886

The Eastridge
The Eastridge rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 4   Sq. Ft:3404

The Eastridge 2
The Eastridge 2 rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 4   Sq. Ft:3567

The Edgestone
The Edgestone rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 5   Sq. Ft:3979

The Lauren
The Lauren rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 4   Sq. Ft:3305

The Maya
The Maya rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 4   Sq. Ft:3074

Split Entry

A split entry floor plan is a home that you walk into and either go upstairs or downstairs. With a split entry home the living spaces (kitchen, dining and family room) are on the same level as bedrooms. The lower level can be finished to include additional living spaces, bedrooms or bathrooms. Split entry homes are attractive to first-time-homebuyers because they are the most affordable to build.

The Amber
The Amber rendering thumb

Beds:5   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:2908

The Jasper
The Jasper rendering thumb

Beds:4   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:2847

The Sapphire
The Sapphire rendering thumb

Beds:4   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:2520


The Briarwood
The Briarwood rendering thumb

Beds:3   Baths: 2   Sq. Ft:1498

The Darlington
The Darlington rendering thumb

Beds:4   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:2216

The Fieldstone 
The Fieldstone  rendering thumb

Beds:2   Baths: 2   Sq. Ft:1350


A rambler floor plan is a one level living home. The living spaces (kitchen, dining and family room) are on the same level as well as the bedrooms. A rambler may have a basement for extra living space. The rambler plan is popular for those who want or need to live on one level.

The Carmel
The Carmel rendering thumb

Beds:3   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:3034

The Del Mar
The Del Mar rendering thumb

Beds:3   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:2948

The Monterey
The Monterey rendering thumb

Beds:4   Baths: 3   Sq. Ft:3270