Is Your Home Ready to Help Your Child Learn?

The passing of Labor Day and the end of the State Fair are real signs that it’s time to go back to school for Minnesota children and teens. When sending your children off to school, parents need to remember that learning doesn’t start and stop when they get on and off the bus. It’s important to create an ideal learning environment in your home to ensure your child experiences success in school.









Create a Space for Schoolwork

When turning your home into homework headquarters, the first step is to designate a flexible, functional area for learning. This area can potentially be a flex room, home office or a converted great room or dining room. This space shouldn’t be too isolated from the main areas of the house, should have excellent lighting, low noise and a comfortable temperature.


Keep the Clutter Down

It’s no secret that clutter = distraction. Brandl Anderson designs floor plans with storage in mind. Whether you’re using your designated flex room, a converted home office or communal space, you’ll have the storage you need to store your children’s school supplies effectively and efficiently.


Personalize Your Child’s Workspace

According to House Method, your learning area must be personalized to your child’s needs and the subjects they’re working on. With a designated flex room, you can ensure your child has enough room for art projects, a writing desk and a quiet corner for reading.

In addition to their workspace, it’s important to have a separate area where you child can store all of their items for school. A large great room or mudroom provides an ideal space for jackets, backpacks, lunchboxes and more.


Set Your Child Up for Success

Designating a separate learning environment in your home can help your child discover that learning is fun and can happen outside of the classroom. As parents, it also provides a direct look into how your children learn, allowing you to be an active participant in their development and understand their needs and learning styles. And, it creates a space in your home that is theirs.









Brandl Anderson designers take all of these factors into account when designing flexible, functional floor plans and living spaces. It’s about creating an area free of distraction – an area where your child can succeed.


Brandl Anderson’s Edgestone and Eastridge II models represent two ideal floorplans for child learning. Each contains a “command center” perfect for homework. It’s a space that provides a quiet environment in close proximity to the kitchen.


During the Parade of Homes, you can visit the Edgestone at 8096 200th St. W, Lakeville, MN (entry 121) and the Eastridge II at 7895 204th St., Lakeville, MN (entry 125).