After a couple grueling months of winter, February seems to be the month when you become aware of the effects of your hibernation. Hunkering down for season can take an unfavorable toll on the inside of your home. It’s often measured by a living room full of empty Amazon boxes, a kitchen table full of receipts, and a few laundry baskets that you’re unsure are full of clean or dirty clothes.

Just as that anxiety is setting in, we’re here to walk you through a couple simple tips that will make the mountain of spring cleaning easier to climb. This year, spring cleaners can discover a new motivation/guide for their task by turning to Netflix.

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo is one of Netflix’s latest original content additions. Throughout the show, Kondo works with families of all different situations (new parents, empty nesters, etc.) to apply her KonMari method of de-cluttering and organizing; a minimalistic approach to organizing the items in your home.

Here are some themes and tips we’ve picked up since watching the series.

1. Break things down
Kondo’s method is based on segmentation – tackling one room, or item of clutter at a time. The thought of cleaning your entire house is daunting, no matter the size of your space. Have a particularly cluttered room or area in your house? Start there and finish there before you move on to the next. KonMari always begins with de-cluttering your wardrobe, which is a great place to start. Aren’t all of our closets cluttered?

2. Approach cleaning in a lite way
One large takeaway we had from Kondo was to approach tidying up in a lite, fun way. Crazy, we know but you would be surprised by how much more of a pleasant experience it will be if you spend it talking and joking with your family. Treat it as a fun family experience and it will become one.

3. Keep following the process, no matter the mess
While tidying, it may seem like things are becoming more cluttered than they were before. No need to worry. It’s part of the process, and as long as you keep following it, there will be an end.

4. Every situation / family / house is different
Every episode of Tidying Up showcases a different family situation or dynamic. As you go through your own de-cluttering process, remember that it’s unique to your household. Tidy in a way that makes sense for your space and layout. You may not have a full Sunday to dedicate to cleaning. Clean on your timeline, but make an active effort.

Practical Tips While De-Cluttering

1. Storing
Store items vertically so you can see them. Everything you have will be readily apparent. You can avoid buying the same thing over and over.

2. Kitchen Storing
Store items of the same size together. Use boxes within drawers to help organize.

3. Everything should have a home
Often the top of your dresser contains volumes of miscellaneous items, and some clothes only seem to live in the laundry bin. If you can’t store something, it’s time you really evaluate whether or not you need it.

One final note we’ll leave you with is Kondo’s message of appreciating your space. Your house has been good to you. It protects you and your loved ones. By taking time to thoughtfully de-clutter and organize your space, you can do better for your house, and in turn, your family.