The majesty of winter is upon us. Glistening snow, the merriment of the holidays, children making snowmen, hot chocolate and drafty, cold houses! Being a home builder in Lakeville, MN for over two decades we understand the importance of a warm and cozy home.
As a Green Path Leadership Award winner, energy conversation is very important to Brandl Anderson. While the energy code and most building standards are an insulation value of R-21, Brandl Anderson exceeds this by 14%, building our homes to an R-24.

What is Brandl Anderson doing different? And why?
In typical new construction you will see OSB combined with house wrap.


With a Brandl Anderson home, you will see our homes wrapped in Dow Styrofoam Insulation or otherwise know as “Blue Board”.

What is “Blue Board”?  Dow STYROFOAM™ Insulation (Blue Board) is a nonstructural, rigid board insulation manufactured of Extruded Polystyrene Foam (XPS). Blue Board is used on exterior to give you a continuous insulation barrier that can increase effective R-value of the wall by up to 20%.  This assembly provides an advanced exterior envelope by providing a total unbroken thermal seal.


The pictures below show the difference in heat loss between an OSB house with house wrap and a home built with R-5 continuous insulation.   You cannot dispute that building a new home with Dow Blue Board is a solid decision.  Not only is your family more comfortable, you are not throwing dollars out the window (literally) with high energy bills. +

Providing a better built home and giving you a potential annual savings of 20% on your heating and cooling bills is just part of our commitment to build Dream Homes for Real Budgets.

Tired of that drafty house and ready for a cozier, more cost efficient home?  Visit our move in ready new construction homes in MN or if you prefer to build, we have 10 highly desirable neighborhoods throughout the Twin Cities.