You just closed on your new construction home MN from Brandl Anderson, a home builder Lakeville MN. You have a lot going on – navigating movers, cable installers, kids, boxes, pets, etc. And now, in our current climate, you are worrying about who touched your door knobs and counter tops last. “Where is the hand sanitizer and the wipes?” It is just one more thing to deal with.

Introducing the Brandl Anderson Safety Clean!
Because we value your health and well being, Brandl Anderson is taking our process one extra step with our new Safety Clean. While you are at your home closing, we will dispatch our cleaning experts to come through your new home and sanitize all hand traffic areas; door knobs, railings, appliances, counter tops, cabinet handles and more. When you walk into your new home for the first time, you can have the confidence you are walking into a fresh, clean home.

Brandl Anderson – helping to flatten the curve by caring for our customers.