Summer Patios In Minnesota

Summer in Minnesota may be short, but it is sweet. Many Minnesota families look to leverage as much time outside during the summer as they can. By customizing a beautiful outdoor spaces, families can play, relax, and enjoy as much of the Minnesota summer as possible. From small front step patios to expansive garden get-a-ways, there is always an perfect option for each home. Even if your current home already has a great outdoor living space, it never hurts to freshen it up for the year.

4 Great Patio Inspiration Ideas

Below are some of our favorite patio ideas to help give your outdoor living space a boost this year.

1. Most outdoor spaces can look a bit dull. Wood tables, metal chairs, stone or brick flooring. Why not add a pop of color to the area? A couple of throw pillows in a seating area can add both color and pattern to a potentially lifeless looking area. Antique chairs spray painted a bright color can also do the trick. And, depending on the patio set up, an outdoor rug offers a variety of options for color and pattern. If your space is for dining, special outdoor dinnerware can also help brighten the space up.

2. Retro-chic is certainly “in” right now, and can be a great way to make your outdoor space unique. Not only can it be a fun way to liven up the area, but it can be affordable too. Antique shopping at various, local stores can provide a wealth of affordable seating and decorating options. A little elbow grease restoration can further help put your mark on them. Going the antique route can help ensure your patio living space will never be out of style.

3. Is your patio area looking a bit dated? Need to freshen the ground up with minimal effort? Gravel patios are a great solution to help make an outdoor area homey. Affordable and easy to install, gravel can add a tranquil quality to your living space. It can also help prevent unwanted growth, and help water drainage. Consider this option if your concrete patio is crumbling, or if wood chips are no longer an option.

4. If you live in Minnesota, you have to love lake life! Whether your preferred outdoor living space is at home or at a lake cabin, it doesn’t hurt to always bring a little cabin feel to the area you spend the most time. Exposing some typical lake features (canoe paddles, wood piles, fire pits, etc.) can help make any patio area feel like a cabin retreat. Adding North Woods greenery to the space is another option too. Wildflowers, prairie grasses, and more are all strong options.

Don’t Have The Outdoor Space You Need?

Don’t worry! Not everyone has the ideal outdoor living space for a Minnesota summer. But as Minnesota builders, Brandl Anderson is perfectly suited to help you find the best options available. Contact us today to see if we can help you find your perfect Minnesota summer home getaway.