Today, we present part one of the most common misconceptions we hear about building a new home.

At Brandl Anderson Homes, we understand that home building can be uncharted territory for most. Being a home builder Lakeville, MN for over 27 years, we have heard a lot of misconceptions about building a new construction homes MN. Today, we hope to bust those myths and show you just home easy building your Dream Home can be.

Misconception #1: I do not know how to design a home.
We have already done the work for you. Brandl Anderson has a selection of stunning two stories, ramblers, and split entry floor plans. We design homes with the way you live in mind. Open floor plans, adaptable spaces, and comfortable rooms. Our exclusive designs take everything into account.

Misconception #2: I won’t know how my home will look.
At Brandl Anderson Homes, we have fully furnished models and spec homes available so you can picture what your Dream Home will look like. We offer virtual tours and abundant photos on our website. Also, check out our social channels.

Misconception #3: Interior design is not my strong suit.
No worries here. Our Design Center is fill with a variety of today’s top design trends. Our Designer will guide you through the process. She will take the time to get to know you and your style. You will leave your appointment feeling excited and confident.

Misconception #4: It takes way too long to build.
You can be in your Dream Home quicker than you think. With over 27 year in business, we have an advanced scheduling system that has streamlined our building process. This allows us to build quickly and efficiently. You will be in you dream home before you know it. Need to move now? We also have move in quick homes available.

Schedule your visit to see just how easy building your Brandl Anderson Dream Home can be.

Stay tuned for part two of common misconceptions of home building.